Secrets Of Aztec Science: A Look Into Their Advanced Knowledge And Inventions

Secrets of Aztec Science: A Look into their Advanced Knowledge and Inventions

The Aztecs are known for their incredible and advanced knowledge in various fields such as agriculture, astronomy, medicine, and engineering, among others. Their civilization thrived in the regions that are now known as Mexico and Central America, from the 14th to the 16th century. Despite the lack of formal education and scientific tools, the Aztecs managed to perform remarkable feats in their research, discovery, and invention. Here, we will delve into the secrets of Aztec science and take a closer look at their advanced knowledge and inventions.


The Aztecs were experts in agriculture, and their advanced knowledge in this field allowed them to support a large population in a harsh environment. They were the first to develop intricate irrigation systems, which allowed them to cultivate rice, tomatoes, beans, and maize, among other crops. They also found a way to farm on small artificial islands called “chinampas,” and this technique is still used in modern-day Mexico. The Aztecs also used natural resources such as fish waste and algae to fertilize their crops, and this ensured the growth of healthy and nutritious produce.


The Aztecs were skilled astronomers and believed that the movements of the sun, moon, stars, and planets had a significant impact on their daily lives. They built observatories, including the famous Templo Mayor, to track the movement of celestial bodies. They also developed a complex system of timekeeping, which revolved around the 260-day calendar known as the Tonalpohualli. It was based on the cycles of the sun and the planet Venus, and it allowed the Aztecs to schedule religious, agricultural and military activities accurately.


The Aztecs had an advanced knowledge of medicine and used a variety of plants and minerals to treat illnesses. They also had an extensive knowledge of anatomy, and this was essential in the healing process. The Aztecs developed several surgical techniques, including trepanation, which involved drilling a hole in the skull to alleviate pressure caused by head injuries. They also used plants such as aloe vera to treat burns, and they discovered the healing properties of chocolate, which they believed had a positive effect on the heart and lungs.


The Aztecs were skilled engineers and created some impressive architectural structures such as the pyramids, temples, and aqueducts. These structures were built using stone, mud, and straw and were designed to withstand earthquakes and other natural disasters. The Aztecs also developed advanced water management systems, which allowed them to transport water from the mountains to the city. They were also the first to create an artificial lake, Texcoco, which was used for agricultural purposes.

In conclusion, the Aztecs were an incredible civilization that contributed significantly to the world of science and technology. Their advanced knowledge in agriculture, astronomy, medicine, engineering, and many other fields paved the way for the development of modern-day technology. Their discoveries and inventions are still used and admired by many to this day. The secrets of Aztec science have been uncovered, and it is evident that their civilization was far ahead of its time.

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